Thanksgiving at the Turners

As you can see the kids and I had lots of fun on Thanksgiving...as we didn't cook our own turkey we made our own flock of turkey! Almost too cute to eat.

The day after Thanksgiving I always like to set up the Christmas tree...its the only way to get into the spirit of Christmas when it is 80 degrees out!

As you can see I had lots of help this year. Andrew thought we were building him a tree to climb, so I had to sit him down and tell him the rules of the Christmas tree. So far so good...last year the tree fell down three times beacuse I had little hands pulling and tugging!

Big shoes to fill...

The kids found their dad's uniform boots today and were taking turns marching around...got to love the attitude pose!


Anne's Thanksgiving Feast

Anne was a pilgrim this year for her pre-school program. Isn't she cute!

All aboard the Mayflower!

Ok this is such a bad picture but Anne was singing and dancing so well that I just had to put it up. Today was Anne's pre-school Thanksgiving Feast. The kids have been cooking in class to make all and I mean all the food. Ok they didn't do the turkey - we had chicken nuggets. Everything was was really good too! They sang songs and did a little program. Anne was so sad because she forgot to stand in line but I told her that is ok I could see you. It was so much fun. We got a huge surprise too...Zac said he wasn't going to make it because he had patients to see but just before the program started who should walk through the door? Dadddy! We were so happy to see him.


Hawaii Sunset

Tonight we had a picnic at the beach. Believe it or not but this is my first sunset in Hawaii. This is one of those times when I know my Heavenly Father loves me. Beautiful isn't it?


Anne didn't have school Monday so we took off to the beach. The kids had so much fun. Both kids are now to the point where they can both go out into the water all by themselves and totally enjoy eachother's company. Of course Anne and Andrew always make new friends when we go to the beach.

Learning about Indians

This month Anne is learning about the first Thanksgiving. On Wednesday they learned about the indians who helped the pilgrims. Anne was very excited to have a indian dress up outfit.


We're off to see the Wizard...

The Turner Family at the ward Truck-or-Treat activity.

Carving Pumpkins...

One of our favorite Halloween traditions. What luck that the day before Halloween fell on a Monday! For all those who don't know...you can't carve your pumpkin here in Hawaii until almost a day before Halloween. Last year we learned the hard way. We carved our pumpkins two days before and by Halloween night the trick-or-treaters were scared away by what was growing on our jack-o-laterns. This year we played it safe and waited until Monday to carve then we stored them in the fridge until the appointed hour for trick-or-treating. They were only outside for two hours and when Zac went out to throw them out they were already growing a colony of something I would rather not mention here.

Pumpkin Patch

Well we made our yearly trek to the pumpkin patch...this year all the pumpkins were so small. I guess there was some kind of pumpkin sickness that went around...didn't know there was such a thing, did you? Anyway we went on a hay ride - pulled by a tractor...Andrew was in heaven, and the kids and I went on a ride similar to the tea cup ride at disneyland. I think Anne and I had fun, Andrew on the other hand has inherited his dad's queasy stomach - we were lucky he didn't loose his breakfast! All in all a very fun day...