Thanksgiving at the Turners

As you can see the kids and I had lots of fun on Thanksgiving...as we didn't cook our own turkey we made our own flock of turkey! Almost too cute to eat.

The day after Thanksgiving I always like to set up the Christmas tree...its the only way to get into the spirit of Christmas when it is 80 degrees out!

As you can see I had lots of help this year. Andrew thought we were building him a tree to climb, so I had to sit him down and tell him the rules of the Christmas tree. So far so good...last year the tree fell down three times beacuse I had little hands pulling and tugging!


Megan & Jeremy said...

The Christmas tree looks great! I don't think we're getting a tree this year and I know I'll miss having one here. But we'll make up for that in Christmas tree lights!
The kids looked cute in the army boots and Anne was adorable as a pilgrim-did you make that costume?!

Angela said...

We made some similar turkeys! So cute!! And your kids do look so adorable in Daddy's boots.

mollie said...

You get to go to Disneyland! Woo-hoo!!! Disney World was a bit too much for me...too much money, too much to try and see, too much time getting from your car to each "world". It was fun, but Disneyland is perfect! We took Kennedi to Disneyland in the month of May a couple of years ago when we were in Ca to see my grandma. It was sooo fun and the perfect time to be there...after spring break and before school gets out! Warm weather, too. Also, we went to Seaworld in Florida. My girls LOVED it! If you have time in Ca., I highly recommend! Have fun!