guess who I am...

Just wanted to share Andrew's latest craft from school. I thought it was pretty cute. Can you guess who they talked about?


4pm monday-friday

So this is us. Monday through Friday. At 4pm. You ask, why 4pm? Well Anne is in school all day until 2:00. I feel like if she has to do homework she should get some down time first. The kids have their "quiet time" which isn't usually quiet since the kids have taken to being together for this time. Then I get my time to work on primary, scrapbooking, blogging, and most recently sewing. I know, I know. Both mom and Anjuli are shocked at hearing this but I am dabbing my toe a bit as of late. But back to homework. We sit at the kitchen table. Andrew colors or plays, I read through the mail, and Anne does her homework. Just the other day I realized just how far Anne has come this year. She now does full page book reports, is counting by 5's and 10's, tells me just how much money I really have in my purse, and her handwritting is amazing. What can I say - once again I realize just how much she really growing up. Before long she will be doing algebra and I will have to refer her to my better half....but until that day we will work on those floating a's and counting by 5's.


chocolate crinkles

Made these for FHE tonight and they were a big hit. I swear Anne gave me those puppy eyes more than once so she could have "just one more." They really are yummy. I found this recipe in a magizine around Christmas time and just got around to trying it out. This is one I will make again. If you would like the recipe, here is the link:


look what we found

A few days a week I like to take the kids over to a beach park about a block from Anne's school. Today instead of just playing we decided to take a walk down the beach to look for sea shells. Instead of sea shells we found something much larger. There just basking in the sun was a monk seal! The kids loved it - Anne thought it might be dead because it wasn't moving but shortly after we found it it wiggled a bit and she was relieved. You are right Mollie, there are some things I will miss about Hawaii.