mom's little helpers

I set out to make cookies last week before the kids got home from school. Well with Jackson around the entire process didn't get finished. I was so glad it didn't though. Both kids came home and were happy to help. They peeled off all the wrappers off the Kisses for me - although I am sure a few chocolates did find their way into Anne's and Andrew's mouth - then Anne helped me roll all the balled cookies in sugar and then place the chocolates on top. I don't know if it's the little man in our house but both my big kids are so good at helping lately. Anne not only helped me with the cookies last week but with the yummy FHE desert this week. I am enjoying having a little helper in the kitchen.

Can you see Andrew's tired eyes? Right after he was done with the chocolates he just drooped in his seat. I suggested he go lay down. He then asked for a story. With my hands in the cookie dough I said "In just a minute." My little helper Anne was so sweet to then take her brother upstairs to his bed and read to him until he fell asleep. What a sweet girl I have.



playing in the leaves

The weather last Friday was beautiful. As Zac and I had been driving around that day I noticed that most of the big piles of leaves at the park had been cleaned up. I was sad that we had missed out on the fun of jumping into them. After the kids got out of school we decided to visit one of our favorite parks near our house. We were lucky to have Sierra, Hava and Brigg with us again. As we pulled up to the park we noticed a HUGE pile of leaves. When I say HUGE, I mean HUGE! So we went to play at the park and ended up in the leaves. We all had a blast in the leaves. Even me...



As you can see, this year we went with a Harry Potter theme around the Turner house. We were so lucky to have both Grandmas help out with their costumes. Grandma Sweetheart made the amazing robes and Grandma Darlin the super cool wands. I was lucky enough to find the scarves in the dollar section at Target. The kids had so much fun being Harry and Hermione and we were happy to have Hava, Brigg and Sierra join us in the fun.

Is it just me or is Andrew really flying?

The whole gang...Zac what Harry Potter character are you?

Brigg was Victor Krum...I think Andrew had stolen his stick at this point. Doesn't he look great though? He grew a goatee just for the day.

Sierra was Luna Lovegood...need I say more?

Hava was the crazy Professor Trelawney. She really got into the part.


kisses and loves

Most days after school you can find these two sitting on the couch together. Andrew loves his brother like crazy. I used to be the object of Andrew's kisses but ever since Jackson joined our family, he has been the lucky one to get all of Andrew's loves and kisses. He just can't give him enough love. The first thing in the morning he wants to hold Jackson and the first thing he wants to do after school is hold Jackson. I can see these two being great friends some day...this kid loves his little brother.