paper airplane

Today Andrew asked me for a piece of paper. This conversation followed:

Me: "What for?"

Andrew: "When Daddy gets home he is going to make me a new paper jet."

Me: " I can make you one."

Andrew: "No, just Daddy can make paper jets."

My response to this was to turn to Google. Ten minutes later I had made him the "coolest" paper jet ever. Shortly there after we went to pick up Anne from school. Andrew was flying his plane around. One mom asked me where I got it. One dad told me that it was a sweet plane. So Andrew....mommy can make paper jets too.


totally WICKED!

Anne and I just had the most wonderful evening. We got to go see WICKED! Not only did we get to see Wicked but we got to see it from the front row. Let me just say that it was amazing. I don't know if I will ever be able to sit far away again. We were spoiled. Let me just give a huge thanks to Nicole and Tyler who told us of this fabulous offer. For every show they have here they offer a certain number of front row tickets for just $25. Anyone can come two hours before the show starts and enter their names into this lottery. If you win you can buy the seats, if not then you are out nothing. Well we went last Friday and tried but unfortunately didn't get in. We were happy to see that Hava and Brigg did get tickets though! Anne and I tried again tonight and this time Anne also entered her name in. You should have felt Anne's little heart as we waited for the names to be called. She was so nervous we wouldn't get picked. Well she must have had luck with her, Anne's name was second to be pulled out of the hat. She was so excited, I thought she would burst. So a few hours later there we were front row, best seats in the house. Everything was so amazing. The theatre, the costumes, the set, the music. I could go on and on. Seeing this musical really took me back. I actually missed all those musicals I was in in high school. Anne and I both decided this wouldn't be our last musical. Plus we saw that "Fiddler on the Roof" is coming in November....now that would be fun.


the ball game

Tonight was the last home game for the Pirates. But since we don't do baseball on Sundays we went to a the game last night. All the regular tickets were sold out but the guy at the ticket window gave us a "deal" Standing tickets for just $4...cheaper than a movie! I was a bit worried that standing wouldn't work out with the kids but we managed to find a whole row in the benches section that wasn't occupied. It was fun. The kids loved cheering for the Pirates and running up and down the row. We can't wait until next year for more ball games!

We parked in the city then walked over to PNC Park. I love all the bridges in Pittsburgh!


saturday in the park...

Saturday we attended a book fair in the park. They had reading corners, craft booths and dogs for the kids to pet. It would have been the perfect day had the rain not poured down upon us. Lucky for us we had our umbrellas. So we ran for the car and headed over to the Children's Museum. Always fun to be had there.



I am sitting here at the computer and I realized I was cold. No air conditioner is running, no fans are turning. Could fall really be here?


art festival

Yesterday we walked down to Mellon park, about a block away from our house, to the Art Festival they were having there. We were lucky enough to see Cellofourte, a group of musicians, play while there. They were amazing. There are four cellists in the group, three men and a lady. Their music covers all the bases. Classical, rock, new age, etc. You can go here to their website to listen to a bit of their music. I couldn't resist picking up one of their Cd's for our own collection. The kids were thrilled to have their music in our house too. Their music is wonderful for playing make believe Anne said.

One the way to the park Anne was disappointed that she had not brought her own art work to share at the Art Festival - she was thrilled to find that they had booths set up so that she could create some art of her own.

Andrew concentrating so hard to get his art just right.

Anne also got her face painted for the first time.

Since coming to Pittsburgh Andrew has found that next to Star Wars climbing trees is the next best thing. Someone stopped me at the Art Festival to ask if he was my son. When I said yes she told me I had a monkey for a son. Yes, I know I told her...he loves to climb.

The kids had a blast just running around chasing after Zac. It was such a nice day. Not hot but not cold. Perfect day to play outside.


happy labor day!

Our labor day was pretty fun. We took our family down to downtown Pittsburgh on a driving tour (there was a fun run going on and we couldn't find parking). Then we headed over to Frick park. As I have mentioned before there are many parks in the area but there are two parks that are huge - I am talking walking trails, multiple kid parks, dog runs, huge. Today we ventured into the wilds of Frick Park. Anne lead the way and we all followed. Up steep hills and down and finally to a tinny stream where all the kids had to find a stick and splash around. This is where Hava found our wild life for the day. Isn't this a pretty caterpillar?

We all thought it quite strange to find a fire hydrynt in the middle of a wooded park. Anne just thought it would be a good place for a picture.

I just love this picture I got of Zac.

Without her noticing Zac put our caterpiller on Hava. When she finally noticed you would have thought it was a scary spider and not a cute caterpillar.

blue slide revisited

We had our Fry cousins and Hava and Brigg down for the weekend so of course we had to show them the "blue slide" park. Here is Andrew trying to grab the camera out of Brigg's hand on the way down.

Anne cruising.

I love this one of Anjuli and Collin. Pure delight is on written all over both of their faces.

Hava and Zac trying out the slide together. Hava couldn't stop laughing.

Who is more scared here, Zac or Joy?

Anne, Andrew, and Conner. Andrew prefers to ride solo.