happy labor day!

Our labor day was pretty fun. We took our family down to downtown Pittsburgh on a driving tour (there was a fun run going on and we couldn't find parking). Then we headed over to Frick park. As I have mentioned before there are many parks in the area but there are two parks that are huge - I am talking walking trails, multiple kid parks, dog runs, huge. Today we ventured into the wilds of Frick Park. Anne lead the way and we all followed. Up steep hills and down and finally to a tinny stream where all the kids had to find a stick and splash around. This is where Hava found our wild life for the day. Isn't this a pretty caterpillar?

We all thought it quite strange to find a fire hydrynt in the middle of a wooded park. Anne just thought it would be a good place for a picture.

I just love this picture I got of Zac.

Without her noticing Zac put our caterpiller on Hava. When she finally noticed you would have thought it was a scary spider and not a cute caterpillar.


Kim said...

I missed Havalah & her hubby when they drove through Davenport last weekend. I was in Chicago...and the rest of my family...not sure where they were....but if you could tell her that we missed them!
P.S. I think Anne & Sydnee would be great friends ;)

Laura said...

What a beautiful park! My kids love finding caterpillars (they're all named Fuzzy Wuzzy). I would not be too pleased with having one of them crawling on me.

Todd.Melissa.Addyson.Kaitlin said...

Todd wanted me to tell Zac that he takes lovely photos. :) Your kiddos are so cute. Anne is such a cutie wanting to "walk" to school.

Brandon and Becca said...

I've been spying on your blog too, so I'm glad I'm not the only one. Your kids are so cute, and getting so big. You've made me jealous that we don't have a fun slide to ride boxes on.