the ball game

Tonight was the last home game for the Pirates. But since we don't do baseball on Sundays we went to a the game last night. All the regular tickets were sold out but the guy at the ticket window gave us a "deal" Standing tickets for just $4...cheaper than a movie! I was a bit worried that standing wouldn't work out with the kids but we managed to find a whole row in the benches section that wasn't occupied. It was fun. The kids loved cheering for the Pirates and running up and down the row. We can't wait until next year for more ball games!

We parked in the city then walked over to PNC Park. I love all the bridges in Pittsburgh!


Havalah said...

Fun fun. Too bad you missed Led... or maybe not.

Sorry we didn't make it with you guys. We'll have to go to a couple next year - and we should go to a Indians-Mariners game too!!!


Havalah said...

Havalah says - you should take more pictures of you guys (meaning Joy AND Zacaroni).

We love pictures of the kids - but we'd like to see pics of you guys as well sometimes. Well, maybe Joy - Zac not as much.

Someone might think the kids just have their own personal Paparazzi following them around or something.

Love you guys.