blue slide revisited

We had our Fry cousins and Hava and Brigg down for the weekend so of course we had to show them the "blue slide" park. Here is Andrew trying to grab the camera out of Brigg's hand on the way down.

Anne cruising.

I love this one of Anjuli and Collin. Pure delight is on written all over both of their faces.

Hava and Zac trying out the slide together. Hava couldn't stop laughing.

Who is more scared here, Zac or Joy?

Anne, Andrew, and Conner. Andrew prefers to ride solo.


Lynette said...

That slide is thee coolest! We are going to come visit just to try out that slide!

Laura said...

I'm o glad to see you in those slide pictures! Looks like a lot of fun!

Havalah said...

hahaha, Brigg and I love the pic of you and Zac, i think we might have to frame it. (Zac actually looks like he is going to throw up)