art festival

Yesterday we walked down to Mellon park, about a block away from our house, to the Art Festival they were having there. We were lucky enough to see Cellofourte, a group of musicians, play while there. They were amazing. There are four cellists in the group, three men and a lady. Their music covers all the bases. Classical, rock, new age, etc. You can go here to their website to listen to a bit of their music. I couldn't resist picking up one of their Cd's for our own collection. The kids were thrilled to have their music in our house too. Their music is wonderful for playing make believe Anne said.

One the way to the park Anne was disappointed that she had not brought her own art work to share at the Art Festival - she was thrilled to find that they had booths set up so that she could create some art of her own.

Andrew concentrating so hard to get his art just right.

Anne also got her face painted for the first time.

Since coming to Pittsburgh Andrew has found that next to Star Wars climbing trees is the next best thing. Someone stopped me at the Art Festival to ask if he was my son. When I said yes she told me I had a monkey for a son. Yes, I know I told her...he loves to climb.

The kids had a blast just running around chasing after Zac. It was such a nice day. Not hot but not cold. Perfect day to play outside.


Megan and Jeremy said...

i love cello music! we'll have to listen to it next time we're down-looks like a perfect day :)

Mary said...

Isn't it just fun to be a family? Love the picture of the kids chasing Zac.

And I always love your pictures. What do you have for a camera? Did you take a class? We have been without a functioning camera for almost two months because we can't decide what to do. Help!

Laura said...

It looks like you guys found a great area--you seem to have so much going on right around your house! The art festival looks like so much fun!

Darlin and Pa said...

Loved to see your fun day. You are great about getting out and finding things to visit wherever you have lived!