Ice Skating in Hawaii?

Anne's pre-school had a field trip today to the ice rink. We had so much fun and discovered that Anne is quite the skater. She did have a few falls but always jumped right back up to try again. Unfortunatly Andrew wasn't quite so willing - he never even got the skates on...he did have fun watching from the bleachers though. Maybe next time.

Andrew watching from his perch on the bleachers.

Holding on for dear life!

Anne keeping herself balanced.

Family Home Evening

We had a great family home evening putting in some new plants in the front yard. Who knew putting in flowers could be so messy?


The Fire Station

While in Washington Grandpa Howie set up a visit to the Lacey Fire Station for the kids. He explained to the secretary that "his grandson had never seen a red fire truck because in Hawaii they only have yellow" They were so nice to have one of the firemen show us around the fire station. You should have seen the look on Andrew's face. All the fire trucks were lined up from smallest to largest and as we went through them Andrew's screams of delight got higher and higher. He was crazy with happiness. Do we see a future fireman?

A dream come true to sit in the driver's seat of the fire engine!

"Mommy! Look BIG FIRE TRUCK!"


Anne loved eating the snow...I was just glad she wasn't eating off the ground!

Our last day in Washington it snowed. What a wonderful going away present for us! Andrew was a bit hesitant about the clothes he had to put on in order to go out but soon understood why.