Christmas 2010

Christmas here at the Turner house was perfect. Nobody was sick this year so we all were happy. We opened presents all morning (I think the last presents were opened around noon), ate a yummy breakfast, then we played with our new toys all day. At one point I looked up at the clock and it was already time for dinner. I am always sad that such a wonderful day goes by so fast. Sigh.
Jackson checking out his new slide...he was a little unsure but loves the slide down if someone is holding his hand.

Andrew is always good for a great face. This year there were lots of Legos around the house.
Anne asked for "girl" legos.
Jackson took his time opening his presents. He tortured his brother with his slowness.


gingerbread houses and the nativity

The kids in the matching outfits I made for them. I had to brake them out before Christmas. I couldn't wait. Andrew really does have that freaky eye thing down doesn't he?
A few days before we had a few friends over to decorate gingerbread houses. The kids and a few parents also put on a nativity. It was so cute. Thanks for all the adults who put on my kid's dress-ups and played along. You all looked great!

Just as I was putting my camera away Anne told me she was ready for her personal picture as "Mary" A line from a old movie came to my mind. "I'm ready for my close-up Mr. Devil." Is that Sunset Boulevard?

The kids and Zac then put together the gingerbread house. I tried to help but they were going to fast for me. Because they did put it together so fast I sat there for the next half hour and held it together as it fell apart. Oh well.

I think the windows belong on a Halloween house...bloody huh?


bath time

I thought since I just posted about cutting Jackson's hair I should show you one last picture of his cute curls. Gosh I miss them...isn't he so cute?


the 1st hair cut

I loved Jackson's curls. Really loved them but they were getting slightly girly in the back so on a whim I decided to give his hair a bit of a trim before Zac got home. I stuck Jackson in the sink and went to work. He did really well while I trimmed with the scissors. He played in the water and chewed on all of our tooth brushes. (Anne was kind enough to take pictures) The only problem came when I turned on the buzzers. He totally freaked out. He screamed the entire time. I was so sad for him but of course had to finish the job. I had just about finished up and was trimming the bottom when Jackson jerked his head toward me...yup...big chunk out of his hair! Oops. As Zac said later when he got home, "Give it 2 weeks and it will grow out." Thank goodness hair does that.

Anne took some very interesting shots.

This was before I started the buzzers. Anne didn't like his screaming so she left the room...thus no more pictures.

He was still pretty traumatized at this point and didn't want to smile. Luckily you can't see the big chunk out of his hair. And yes it did grow back. I miss his curls. Sigh...


the cutting of our tree

For the past 8 years Zac and I have used a fake tree. This year we decided to get a real tree. We headed out to Hozak Farm to cut our own tree down. It was freezing. We took the tractor out to the trees and picked out our perfect tree. The kids had a blast weaving in and out of the trees and Jackson just cuddled into Hava and I for warmth. We had a blast.

my things...

I sure love these kids!


thanksgiving 2010

We had a great Thanksgiving here in the Turner household. Brigg and Hava came down for the weekend which is always wonderful. We cooked tons of food. Ate tons of food and enjoyed each other's company. Some of us didn't even get dressed all day long...

Hava, Anne and baby Minimus.
Jackson had a really bad cold but was still his happy self.

Hava will hate me for posting these pictures but this is what she did so much of the weekend. Her back was hurting her so she would lay down...then fall asleep. I was mostly just jealous of all the mini naps she had.

The kids loved Hava's socks. Goldy Locks and the Three Bears.


playing in the leaves

One of our favorite things about Pittsburgh in the fall is the huge amount of leaves that are dumped. A friend called us and told us about a huge one so of course we had to check it out. Anne and Andrew were out of the car and in the pile before I even turned the car off. Jackson was a bit more hesitant. He was fine being in the pile as long as he wasn't touching the leaves with his hands. The kids dug tunnels, threw leaves and tackled each other. It was so nice to have one really fun day outside before the cold weather hits us.

Like I said...HUGE pile of leaves.
I LOVE living in Highland Park. Being so close to such a beautiful park has been so wonderful for us.


halloween 2010

Halloween around here was a simple affair this year. We had just gotten back from Disney World and Zac and I were very tired. The kids wanted to dress up just one more time in their costumes (they had worn them previously at a Halloween party at a friend's house and at the Disney World Halloween Party). Sorry everyone, no theme this year. Maybe next year. There is already talk around here of a Star Wars theme.