gingerbread houses and the nativity

The kids in the matching outfits I made for them. I had to brake them out before Christmas. I couldn't wait. Andrew really does have that freaky eye thing down doesn't he?
A few days before we had a few friends over to decorate gingerbread houses. The kids and a few parents also put on a nativity. It was so cute. Thanks for all the adults who put on my kid's dress-ups and played along. You all looked great!

Just as I was putting my camera away Anne told me she was ready for her personal picture as "Mary" A line from a old movie came to my mind. "I'm ready for my close-up Mr. Devil." Is that Sunset Boulevard?

The kids and Zac then put together the gingerbread house. I tried to help but they were going to fast for me. Because they did put it together so fast I sat there for the next half hour and held it together as it fell apart. Oh well.

I think the windows belong on a Halloween house...bloody huh?


Scott & Marcie said...

Yes, the movie is Sunset Blvd.,(kind of a creepy movie). Looks like a really fun activity. Love the matching outfits, Meg is excited to put her twins in theirs!

Angela said...

Love the costumes for the Nativity! And the matching outfits! Cute!