visitors from WA

We were so lucky to have Grandma and Grandpa Turner out for a visit. We were also lucky enough that Zac could take the whole week off while they were here. Unfortunately they managed to bring some rainy weather with them from Washington - not that we were sad about it but I always feel bad when people come to visit and the sun doesn't shine. Last October while my family were here Zac was certified to pilot a pontoon boat on Kaneohe Bay so we took the Turner Grandparents out for a ride. We all enjoyed ourselves despite the rainy windy weather. It is always so much fun to stand on a sand bar in the middle of the bay. It's somewhat surreal.

I think Grandpa just had fun in the water!

Buddy did get a bit cold and as you can see he spent most of the time cuddled with Grandma. How did she get out of having her picture taken?

While here we also went to the PCC (short for Polynesian Cultural Center). This time was so much more fun. The kids were a bit older and the weather not quite so hot as the last time. Zac and I realized this was probably our last "Hawaiian" experience before we leave the island.

Because this activity involved a stick, Andrew loved it. They each had to see how far they could throw it. I know you are all thinking, how easy. But really quite hard. Don't you also love the look on Grandpa's face. He was such a fierce warrior!

Sweet Anne watching the Hula girls. All day long she asked, "When are we going to see the hula girls?" She loved the Horizons show that night.

Out of the whole day we really enjoyed two things. The first being the IMAX film Coral Reef we watched and then when the kids got to go fishing. They could have stayed their all day.


two more teeth...gone

Tooth #1 - Mom pulled it out under the guise of seeing just how loose it really was.

Tooth #2 - Fell out while eating a hot dog. Anne said "Mom their is something crunchy in my food." Mom said, "Spit it out!" We thought she had swallowed the tooth but after some digging we found it, much to Anne's relief.


what is that out there?

I just really loved this one of the kids. It was right when we got to the beach, a beach we have never been to before, and they had just hit the first wave of the day. I love how happy they are to be there even though we have been to the beach a hundred times before.

Mostly I just like this one because I never have pictures with the kids and I. Usually I am on the other end of the lens. Unfortunately I am also in a bathing suit!

Can you all see what the kids are looking at out in the water. There we are sitting on the beach building a sand castle when I look up and think, "Is there someone drowning out there?" No, no one was drowning. It was a monk seal come to take a look at what was all the excitement on the beach. The kids wanted to go out and pet it. They had to settle with just looking at it. It was so funny. The seal just swam up and down the beach. It almost ran into a few people who weren't paying attention. Crazy!