jackson - 4 months

Latest updates:
13 lbs. 8 oz. - 25%
25 3/4 inches long - 85% (Long and Lean Baby!)
* Loves his fingers as long as they are in his month...sometimes while he is nursing
* Rolled over the other day...from belly to back
* Hates to be on his belly...thus the rolling
* Loves his brother and sister...they really can make him laugh
* Still the happiest baby...even while he was sick last week he was very upbeat
Can you believe those eyes?


what to do when it snows...

Today we started our 5th day off from school because of the snow. I honestly can say this has been the best day so far. Thanks to my friend Shelly I got the idea to set up our tent in the living room. Last night the kids slept there and today they really didn't come out until about lunch time...then they went right back in. I have been listening in on their fun and I have heard almost every sentEnce start with "Lets pretend that..." I will be sad when they have to go back to school on Monday...then again we are expecting more snow on Saturday so who know when they will have to go back.

because he loves me

I knew there was 2 feet of snow on the ground and our garage was buried but I still wanted stake off the BBQ for dinner...Zac made it happen. I love this guy.


a walk in the snow

We took a walk Sunday to enjoy the sun and the snow. It was so nice to get out of the house and feel the sun on our faces. The kids loved playing in the DEEP snow. Jackson enjoyed a nap close to his mom. I was thinking of other Sunday walks we took while we lived in Hawaii and how different this one was from those. One thing is still the same though...I love the people I was with. If you look closely you can see Anne and Andrew in the tree above...it was the perfect snow fort.

Zac managed to capture the beauty of the snow with just his camera phone. Don't you just want to run across that field of perfect snow? I would have but I don't think Jackson would have liked that too much.

The kids had to stop for many "rests" along the way.

I put Jackson in the front carrier and he went right to sleep. What a life.

Perfect snow for a snow angel.

For those of you who have visited us here...this is the road that leads down to the pool. Can you believe all the snow?

This is what all the sidewalks look like around here although this section obviously was cleared by a snow blower...lucky them. Ours were cleared with good old fashioned arm grease.


a bit of snow

To say we got a bit of snow might be a understatement. According to our neighbor's measurement we got 18 inches and that was before it had really stopped snowing. Zac spent the morning digging us out. I am so grateful for him and his new found muscles!
Yes, we had to even dig ourselves out of the front door.

Hard at work.

The back yard.

The snow came up to the top of my rain boots...

Good thing we don't park in the garage...

Zac in front of his "wall of pain" as he called it. On Friday night I got up to help Jackson back to sleep and happened to look out the window and saw how much snow was coming down and knew the snow plows would be out early to clear the roads. I shook Zac awake and told him he should move his car out of the street and into the driveway...he didn't want to. Bet he wished he did as he spent 2 hours digging his car out so we could back it into the driveway. But on another note. The huge piles of snow have been great for building snow caves.


how rare...

Yesterday after school Anne asked to hold Jackson. Then Andrew curled up next to them. I had to grab the camera. Just as I held it up Jackson looked up and smiled...so did Anne and Andrew. A small miracle happened. All my kids smiled at the same time. Perfect.


twin cousins

We drove up to Ann Arbor last weekend to meet our new TWIN cousins. I hadn't really noticed how big Jackson had gotten until we placed him next to Emma and Justin. He was HUGE next to them and only 3 months and 1 day younger then Jackson. I think they will be great friend some day. (They just happen to have the same outfits...cute eh?)


playing on ice

Over the weekend we went up to Erie to hang out with Hava and Brigg. They took us over to the lake to check out the ice. It was amazing! Where we are standing was just one of the inlets, the lake itself isn't quite frozen yet. Can you believe the ice. The kids had a blast sliding and playing. They want to go back and try their hands at ice fishing...I think they are crazy. Who would want to sit and freeze for a fish?

I love that we can spend so much time with Hava. I love having a sister living so close. Don't you love our matching coats...I am finally ok with matching as long as said matching items keep me warm.

This is the lake side. Can you believe that crazy ice? I think it reminds me of the Hoth Planet on Star Wars. I only lasted about 1 minute out there because the wind and FREEZING temperatures. The kids, Zac and Brigg were out there for about 10 or 15 minutes and had the rosy cheeks to show for it.