jackson - 4 months

Latest updates:
13 lbs. 8 oz. - 25%
25 3/4 inches long - 85% (Long and Lean Baby!)
* Loves his fingers as long as they are in his month...sometimes while he is nursing
* Rolled over the other day...from belly to back
* Hates to be on his belly...thus the rolling
* Loves his brother and sister...they really can make him laugh
* Still the happiest baby...even while he was sick last week he was very upbeat
Can you believe those eyes?


L C M said...

He is so beautiful.

Shandra said...

I agree with Lisa. He has to be the most beautiful boy I've ever seen!

Sara said...

LOVE the eyes too. Wish I could meet this little guy!!!

Scott & Marcie said...

Can't believe he's four months old already! He is of course beautiful!! What else could he be?!!

Mary said...

He is beautiful Joy. And I love that you love being your kids Mom. You'll be sad when they have to go back to school? You've got pretty sweet kids . . . and they've got a pretty cool Mom. Thanks for letting us peek in on the magic of it all. Hurrah for snow days!

Breeana said...

He is SO adorable. I love those kissable little cheeks. We just found out this week that we are headed to Madigan. It would be so fun if you and Zac ended up there too!

Cori said...

Joy!! He is so adorable!