jackson - 5 months

Not a lot happening around here except this little guy getting bigger every day. Here are some of his latest accomplishments:
* Drooling large amounts
* He has a tongue thing...loves to stick it out at us
* Loves playing airplane with Dad
* Figured out how to get his hands out of his sleep time swaddle....mom is not sure what to do as he wakes up every time he does this. Why oh why don't they make those in XL?
*Got his first pair of shoes...they help keep his socks on...mom loves that.
*Although only 5 months he is now wearing 6-9 month stuff and very close to the next size. Guess he got his Dad's length.
* Still a very wonderful baby. Mom doesn't know what she did to deserve such sweetness.

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Darlin and Pa said...

Can't wait to play with him in May! Hope he's not afraid of us.