spring training

Both Anne and Andrew are signed up for T-Ball this spring. Andrew is especially nervous and has been waiting for the weather to clear so we could pratice down at the park near our house. Zac took the kids to the store to pick out a new "big kid" bat (not plastic) and we all head down to the park for a little practice.

Yes, even I hit a few. Doesn't Andrew take great pictures?

Watch out boys...Anne has quite the swing.

Our pitcher. I tried to throw Zac a few but he hit one right back at me so fast that it hit me in the chest...don't worry I am OK. What is it with Zac and me playing ball together? I always end up getting hurt (if you don't know our baseball story ask me sometime). Zac is VERY sorry. Thus ended my pitching time.

Jackson just hung around and spit bubbles...

and practiced sucking his thumb.

After baseball we had to hit the swings for a bit. Jackson loves swinging. Being in the swing gives him time to suck on his fingers some more.

This was a great start to our spring break.

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Scott & Marcie said...

Not the nose again, thank goodness. I think I'd run if I saw Zac throwing (or hitting) a ball in my direction with your history!! Fun swinging pictures.