st. patty's day

Although not one of my favorite holidays I decided to "green" it up for the kids for dinner. I made them green eggs, green pancakes, green milk, and green sprinkle cookies. The kids were a bit sceptical and it made for some very silly eating but it ended happy.

Yes, those are crumbs in Andrew's hair...not sure how they got there. Like I said, silly eating.


Anjuli Fry said...

You are great!! My kids are trying to figure out St Patricks day. I have to admit I really didn't tell them about. Colin came home Tuesday saying he needed to make a Leprechaun Trap which I had totally forgot about. Well needless to say it was supposed to be there Tuesday but he went ahead and made his own and took it in. He didn't even get the wearing green!! :)

Megan and Jeremy said...

I love that first pic of Anne! I googled ways to celebrate St. Patty's and the main things were to drink beer with friends so dying food was a good alternative for us too :)

Hope Buddy is feeling better!!!

ps so cool you visited Phil

Scott & Marcie said...

My mom baked bread about once a week and before we had a bread mixer we all got a "chance" to knead the bread. One year around St. Patty's day I decided to put green die in the entire batch of bread. None of us could eat it. It looked moldy.