Kids at Highland Park

I like to get pictures of the kids around their birthdays. Since it was Anne's birthday I thought I would try to get a picture of all three kids before we leave Pittsburgh. So up to Highland park we went...it's my favorite spot for pictures. The kids were great. We got the group on first and I am so happy with how they turned out.

Andrew asked that he have his pictures done while still in Pittsburgh. He was so into looking cool this time but for some reason didn't want to show his teeth. He said this was his new smile.

My sweet Anne.

I realized that I had no pictures of just Anne and I. Andrew snapped this one for us.

Andrew...always the silly one. Anne took this one.


jackson - 18 months

Jackson is 18 months old!! (OK 19 months by now but who is counting)

Here is a little bit about Jackson right now...

* Can't recall his stats but let's just say he is pretty normal except for his height...the doctor said he is OFF the charts. Jackson might be our tall one.

* La La LOVES going outside - he brings me his shoes 5-6 times a day so we can go-go outside.

* Loves anything with buttons (remote controls, DVD player, computer keyboards, laptop off buttons, CD player buttons, telephone buttons, cell phone touch pads...ect.) This all means that we are constantly reprogramming all our electronic devices.

* He doesn't do well with strangers which stinks because he is now in nursery and totally freaks out if I try to leave him...oh well, nursery is fun.

* He is talking more and more everyday. Go-Go is a favorite...runner up being mama...I like this one...

* He LOVES the Wiggles...bummer for us.

* He LOVES the Little Einsteins...not so bad.

* He LOVES music - he likes to stand in the aisles at church and lead the music. If he isn't eating well I turn on the classical station and he starts eating better. His current favorite song is "All the Single Ladies" You should see his dance moves to that song - plus he sings along!

* He LOVES to do anything with Anne and Andrew....anything.

* He LOVES slides at the park. The steeper the better.

Grandpa's Tree House

Pretty much every minute spent at Grandpa Howie and Grandma Sweetheart's house was spent outside playing on Grandpa's new tree house. He has been working on it for a while now and was even adding onto the fort while we were there. The kids helped add the door and the climbing wall. We only wish we lived closer so they could play more often...

The Painted Plate

After the apple farm the kids, grandma, and grandpa Turner and I went to The Painted Plate. I have been wanted to do this for such a long time. We all picked our item to paint. I picked a little vase (I am calling it my dandelion vase - for when the kids bring me dandelions), Anne picked a plate and Andrew went with the little duck. I had so much fun. I am not a painter and my design was super simple but I loved sitting there with everyone painting. It was really relaxing. This is something I will do again.


Lattin's Apple Farm

On Saturday we spent the morning with the Turner Grandparents. I was happy to hear that they wanted to go out to Lattin's Farm. They make the most delicious apple fritters. So yummy. I might be drooling right now thinking about it....

Anne loved all the animals.

Andrew did too although he hated the smell and asked if they could just use the toilets like us.

The goats would eat anything...they tried to eat the bag several times and finally succeeded when we weren't paying attention.

I loved the look on Jackson's face when he fed the goats. We made him do it over and over just to see the smile.

the big hunt

On Friday we all got together for a big Easter Egg hunt. The kids ran around like crazy finding eggs here and there. Some of them were hidden so well that we didn't find them until the next day. Jackson found a few but stopped when he discovered the candy inside. He loved the jelly beans. Would probably do anything for them.


Dying Easter Eggs

On the first day of our trip to WA the kids dyed their easter eggs for the big hunt the next day. Many thanks to Anjuli for helping my kids do something that I can't stand doing...