jackson - 18 months

Jackson is 18 months old!! (OK 19 months by now but who is counting)

Here is a little bit about Jackson right now...

* Can't recall his stats but let's just say he is pretty normal except for his height...the doctor said he is OFF the charts. Jackson might be our tall one.

* La La LOVES going outside - he brings me his shoes 5-6 times a day so we can go-go outside.

* Loves anything with buttons (remote controls, DVD player, computer keyboards, laptop off buttons, CD player buttons, telephone buttons, cell phone touch pads...ect.) This all means that we are constantly reprogramming all our electronic devices.

* He doesn't do well with strangers which stinks because he is now in nursery and totally freaks out if I try to leave him...oh well, nursery is fun.

* He is talking more and more everyday. Go-Go is a favorite...runner up being mama...I like this one...

* He LOVES the Wiggles...bummer for us.

* He LOVES the Little Einsteins...not so bad.

* He LOVES music - he likes to stand in the aisles at church and lead the music. If he isn't eating well I turn on the classical station and he starts eating better. His current favorite song is "All the Single Ladies" You should see his dance moves to that song - plus he sings along!

* He LOVES to do anything with Anne and Andrew....anything.

* He LOVES slides at the park. The steeper the better.


Harmony said...

Great photos Joy! He sounds like a doll. :-)

Breeana said...

Seriously, could this boy be any more adorable? He reminds me of Anne at that age.

I didn't realize that Zac was getting deployed in December. Ugh. They don't wait long, do they? My heart goes out to you and I hope your ward and neighborhood is wonderful in San Antonio.

Scott & Marcie said...

DARLING pictures of your darling boy! On the last one, his eyebrow does just what Zac's used to do. Such a cute boy:)