Kids at Highland Park

I like to get pictures of the kids around their birthdays. Since it was Anne's birthday I thought I would try to get a picture of all three kids before we leave Pittsburgh. So up to Highland park we went...it's my favorite spot for pictures. The kids were great. We got the group on first and I am so happy with how they turned out.

Andrew asked that he have his pictures done while still in Pittsburgh. He was so into looking cool this time but for some reason didn't want to show his teeth. He said this was his new smile.

My sweet Anne.

I realized that I had no pictures of just Anne and I. Andrew snapped this one for us.

Andrew...always the silly one. Anne took this one.


Amanda said...

way to go joy! so impressed. nice triangle!!!!!!!!

Scott & Marcie said...

WONDERFUL pictures, they turned out just darling!!!!! (Nice park, we can see why you like to go there for pictures:))-Andrew, he cracks me up. I also noticed this time how the kids hair color is so similar to each other-maybe it was the lighting:)

Sara said...

Oh what sweet pictures! You did such a great job and your kids are just to die for cute! Sorry to hear about Anne's broken wrists. Hope all has been well with you guys during your move.