Lattin's Apple Farm

On Saturday we spent the morning with the Turner Grandparents. I was happy to hear that they wanted to go out to Lattin's Farm. They make the most delicious apple fritters. So yummy. I might be drooling right now thinking about it....

Anne loved all the animals.

Andrew did too although he hated the smell and asked if they could just use the toilets like us.

The goats would eat anything...they tried to eat the bag several times and finally succeeded when we weren't paying attention.

I loved the look on Jackson's face when he fed the goats. We made him do it over and over just to see the smile.


Scott & Marcie said...

So fun! I loved the picture of Jackson with the goats. We couldn't catch one of him. We know we always have a winning activity when those apple fritters are involved!!

Scott & Marcie said...

fun,fun day- with family and the FRITTERS!!