Magic Kingdom/Hollywood Studios - day 6

Our last day in Florida we spent seeing everything we either wanted so see again or those things we missed. We started out over at Hollywood Studios again. Anne and I took Grandpa on The Tower of Terror. I remember at one point we were free falling and Grandpa and I happen to both look at each other while we were screaming. It was pretty funny. I think I just wanted to see just how scared he was. It was worth it. We also got some fast passes for the Toy Story Ride...for 7pm! Can you believe it?!
After a few more rides and playing in the Honey I Shrunk the Kids play land Grandma and Grandpa headed over to Epcot and we went back to the Magic Kingdom. We rode the railroad ride, visited Toon Town, ate lunch, sat on the sidewalk in the shade and ate ice cream, and rode a few more rides. It was then perfect ending to our trip...or so I thought.

Anne making her wish...probably to come back soon!

Andrew pouting in the shade...of the garbage can.

The troops heading out...Anne was such a good helper. She always wanted to push the stroller.

One more glance at the "Big" castle.

See ya soon! (But not when it is so hot)

We hopped aboard the Monorail...

Jackson happily played with his favorite toy from the trip...the milk container. Seriously, he loved any bottle. We tried to always keep a empty bottle around for Jackson to play with. Look how happy it makes him.

Just when I thought we were done Zac reminded me of our Fast Pass back in Hollywood Studios, so back we went. It was really worth it. Now I know why the line was always so long. Zac said he could ride that ride all day long and I totally believe him. Of course my Star Wars fans had to get their picture in front of the Atat...not sure I spelled that right. All in all a wonderful Disney trip. Can't wait to do it again...


Animal Kingdom - day 5

On Friday we went to Disney's Animal Kingdom. It was a lot of fun. I would describe it as a REALLY AMAZING Zoo. We went on a Safari, walked through the jungle, saw some amazing shows and for the first time this week enjoyed really great weather.

Jackson just super happy he is out of the stroller.

The kids getting ready for the safari.

A few of the animals we saw roaming around.

The kids and Grandpa waiting for the Nemo Musical to start. It was so amazing.

This is the Tree of Life that stands in the center of the Animal Kingdom. If you click on the pictures you can see all the animals carved into the tree. It reminded me of a Graeme Base book. We stood at the base for quite a while finding all the different animals. Our necks were a bit sore after looking up for so long.


Harry Potterville - Day 4

Prepare yourself for a ton of pictures. We had so much fun at Universal Studios. We spent most of our time at Harry Potterville (what we called it...not sure what the real name of the place is). We started out at the Hogwarts Express. It even had steam pouring out!
Next we headed up to Hogwarts Castle for our tour. It was so amazing. So many details. The ride inside was amazing. I think most of our party was slightly ill but I loved it. Talk about amazing. There was a fire breathing dragon, we flew with Harry, and we were terrified by a few dementors. Really I was scared.

Next we went on the hippogriff ride...a bit more mild. Yup that is me looking a bit crazy.

Honeydukes...yummy. The line was out the door. We got a few chocolate frogs and of course some of Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans...we tried them a few nights ago. Yes, the Vomit flavor does taste like vomit and the Rotten Eggs...well Zac said they taste awful. I will take his word for it. It smelled awful.

Right before lunch Anne and I tried the Dragon Challenge (a really fast, feet hanging, upside down roller coaster...really fun but I now know how old I am. My legs were slightly unstable as we walked away. Anne of course wanted to do it again. We had lunch over at The Three Broomsticks. So yummy. We are talking really good English food. I had the Shepherd's Pie, Andrew the fish and chips, Zac had the Cornish Pasty and you can see what Anne and Zac shared.

These drinks were my most favorite part about Harry Potterville. The Pumpkin juice was so refreshing in the heat and the Butterbeer was the best cream soda I have ever had then topped with a creamy top. We are in the process of trying to replicate the Pumpkin Juice but I really don't think we can do the Butterbeer. It was just too yummy for words.

This picture still makes me laugh. I was looking for the bathroom and I stopped and asked a man who worked there. He pointed across the plaza and said, "It's a Public Convenience." I looked at him and thought...maybe they charge for the bathroom in England. Then I looked at the sign and I laughed to my self. Does anyone know if they call the rest rooms Public Conveniences in England?


Magic Kingdom - Day 3

We were so happy to have Grandma Darlin and Grandpa Pickle with us for the rest of our trip. It was nice to have a bit of help with the crazies. Of course Wednesday was another hot day so we tried to stay in the shad as much as possible. It is funny...every time I have been to Disneyland I have always thought the castle was too small. Like something was wrong with it. As soon as I walked into the Magic Kingdom I knew that was the castle I remember from when I was a kid. I think I was probably Andrew's age last time I was here. It was fun to see it through my kids eyes...this time I will remember.

I thought it would be fun to throw this new and old picture of Anne in the mix. The right is when she was 18 months and it was her first time to Disneyland. We have been a few times since and she still brought attention toward those horses. She has always loved them. It makes me sad how fast she has grown up.

We loved this ride because it cooled us off.

Jackson had just woken up as they boarded the dumbo ride so I handed him over the fence to Zac. I think he was pretty dazed, one minute asleep and the next flying around in circles in a elephant.

Jackson found these birds in Frontier Land and greatly improved his walking skills while taking chase.
* We loved seeing the Country Bear Jamboree
* We loved eating super yummy lunch at the Liberty Tavern and Inn (we're talking Thanksgiving that I didn't have to cook)
* We went on most of our rides the night before at the Halloween Party (most rides 2 times because the lines were so short) so we watched a few shows and hit the rides we missed. It was pretty relaxed.
* I missed it but I guess there was a dance party down main street and Anne had the time of her life dancing with some Cast members. I wish I saw it (blast Jackson's dirty diaper).
* Thunder Mountain Railroad was a favorite...I think we may have gone on that ride 4 or 5 times.


Hollywood Studios - Day 2

Hollywood Studios was fun. We decided this would be our half day because were going to the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party later that night. As you can see I hardly took any pictures. It was too hot...but I already said that before. I think it might have been hotter on Tuesday though. Here are the Hollywood Studios highlights:
* Tower of Terror - So fun! OK I loved it. I went first with Anne and Andrew and they both were terrified and said they didn't want to go again...until Zac went and they jumped at the chance to be terrified again.
* Getting over to the Toy Story ride at 10 am and finding that all the fast passes were gone for the day and the wait was 100 minutes!!! We couldn't figure out what was so great about the ride but it must have been fun if there was such a wait.
* The kids and I watched the Indiana Jones stunt show...Andrew thought the man was really getting beat up and was slightly scared until he figured it out and wished his dad was there to try out a fake punch on...Zac had to wait outside with a sleeping Jackson.
* Going back to the hotel and cooling off in the pool...that was nice.
* Everybody fighting to take naps then not wanting to wake up later.


Epcot - Day 1

Our first day at Disney we hit Epcot (formerly the Epcot Center). We started off under the big ball as the kids called it...in the shade...it was HOT.

Right off the kids met Stitch...

We then headed over to one of my favorite rides, The Nemo Ride. It blended animation with real fish. It was really cool so we did it twice in a row.

Jackson was happy to be out of the stroller.

There is a area in Epcot that takes you through a bunch of different countries. Here Andrew is in Canada talking on the phone...not sure who he spoke to.

Still in Canada.

In France the kids met one of the cats from The Aristocats and Anne talked to Sleeping Beauty.

We had lunch in Japan at a really yummy restaurant. They cooked the food right in front of us.

In Morocco the kids tried on funny hats and Jackson fell asleep.

In Germany I checked out a super yummy smelling candy shop while the kids checked out a toy shop.

Pretty much after Germany I stopped taking pictures...it was too hot. Here are some other highlights from Epcot:

* The kids loved driving 60 mph at the Test Track
* I loved any ride that had air conditioner
* Jackson fell asleep on the Planet Earth ride in the "big ball" so we went on it again so he would stay asleep. I might have taken a short nap too.
* We had dinner in Mexico...I really miss good Mexican food.
* We absolutely loved the show Talking With Crush. Who knew you could talk to a cartoon and it would respond.
* I loved that all the workers in each country were really from that country. So cool to hear so many different accents in one day.
* Did you know that Epcot has a green house? They do! It was so amazing to see how they grow so many of their own veggies and fish. (Mom...I have some really good ideas for your garden next year)