Epcot - Day 1

Our first day at Disney we hit Epcot (formerly the Epcot Center). We started off under the big ball as the kids called it...in the shade...it was HOT.

Right off the kids met Stitch...

We then headed over to one of my favorite rides, The Nemo Ride. It blended animation with real fish. It was really cool so we did it twice in a row.

Jackson was happy to be out of the stroller.

There is a area in Epcot that takes you through a bunch of different countries. Here Andrew is in Canada talking on the phone...not sure who he spoke to.

Still in Canada.

In France the kids met one of the cats from The Aristocats and Anne talked to Sleeping Beauty.

We had lunch in Japan at a really yummy restaurant. They cooked the food right in front of us.

In Morocco the kids tried on funny hats and Jackson fell asleep.

In Germany I checked out a super yummy smelling candy shop while the kids checked out a toy shop.

Pretty much after Germany I stopped taking pictures...it was too hot. Here are some other highlights from Epcot:

* The kids loved driving 60 mph at the Test Track
* I loved any ride that had air conditioner
* Jackson fell asleep on the Planet Earth ride in the "big ball" so we went on it again so he would stay asleep. I might have taken a short nap too.
* We had dinner in Mexico...I really miss good Mexican food.
* We absolutely loved the show Talking With Crush. Who knew you could talk to a cartoon and it would respond.
* I loved that all the workers in each country were really from that country. So cool to hear so many different accents in one day.
* Did you know that Epcot has a green house? They do! It was so amazing to see how they grow so many of their own veggies and fish. (Mom...I have some really good ideas for your garden next year)


Amanda and Paul said...

how fun that you guys got to go there! i feel like i haven't seen you forever!! P.S. I want anne's shirt! seriously...its so cute.

Anjuli Fry said...

Just a bit Jealous. Ok who am I kidding, I am green with envy. Next summer Disney land for us!!! I am setting my date now!!!! Miss you guys!!

Scott & Marcie said...

So fun! We loved the ice cream and the slow ride inside the ball. We loved listening to Anne and Andrew giggling in the seat in front of us as they used pics of our heads for our imaginary life!!