Magic Kingdom/Hollywood Studios - day 6

Our last day in Florida we spent seeing everything we either wanted so see again or those things we missed. We started out over at Hollywood Studios again. Anne and I took Grandpa on The Tower of Terror. I remember at one point we were free falling and Grandpa and I happen to both look at each other while we were screaming. It was pretty funny. I think I just wanted to see just how scared he was. It was worth it. We also got some fast passes for the Toy Story Ride...for 7pm! Can you believe it?!
After a few more rides and playing in the Honey I Shrunk the Kids play land Grandma and Grandpa headed over to Epcot and we went back to the Magic Kingdom. We rode the railroad ride, visited Toon Town, ate lunch, sat on the sidewalk in the shade and ate ice cream, and rode a few more rides. It was then perfect ending to our trip...or so I thought.

Anne making her wish...probably to come back soon!

Andrew pouting in the shade...of the garbage can.

The troops heading out...Anne was such a good helper. She always wanted to push the stroller.

One more glance at the "Big" castle.

See ya soon! (But not when it is so hot)

We hopped aboard the Monorail...

Jackson happily played with his favorite toy from the trip...the milk container. Seriously, he loved any bottle. We tried to always keep a empty bottle around for Jackson to play with. Look how happy it makes him.

Just when I thought we were done Zac reminded me of our Fast Pass back in Hollywood Studios, so back we went. It was really worth it. Now I know why the line was always so long. Zac said he could ride that ride all day long and I totally believe him. Of course my Star Wars fans had to get their picture in front of the Atat...not sure I spelled that right. All in all a wonderful Disney trip. Can't wait to do it again...


Daniel B. said...

AT-AT is how it's spelled.

Scott & Marcie said...

Thank you for inviting us, we had the time of our lives- being with those we love and doing really fun things together. Can't wait to see you again.