jackson - 1 year

My sweet boy turned 1 yesterday! I really can't believe how fast this year has flown by...it makes me sad that my little bear is getting so big. Here are a few things Jackson is up to these days:
* His favorite word is HOT...but it comes out more like "Ha" * His favorite toy is my cell phone. He has put a few scratches on it I am not sure I am grateful for * He loves climbing up the stairs...not down but always up * Whenever music is on he waves his hands around and shakes his booty * He currently has 10 teeth but there are 2 more making their way out * He loves walking the kids out to the bus stop just so he can see the bus. It makes him very happy * He still is taking two good naps a day * He has started giving us all lots of hugs at random...I love it * He weighs 23 lbs. 2 oz. * He is 32 inches long (that is in the 96%) the kids is LONG * He hasn't really wanted to walk at all - he can but is way to lazy - but today Anne was doing her homework on the couch and Jackson was by the front door...he WALKED all the way to the piano! So I can say now that he is WALKING. He loves it but gets too excited then falls. So he is officially my fastest walker...both Anne and Andrew started walking a few weeks after they turned 1.
photos by Jess (thanks Jess!)


Megan and Jeremy said...

Happy Birthday Jackson!!! I can't believe it's been a year-he is so big & so cute!

Looks like you had fun apple picking & at the pumpkin patch, I love fall! :)

Scott & Marcie said...

What a beautiful boy!! Love the pictures and the location!!

jenn said...

Joy, he is adorable! Love his little smile and the curls. So cute. I know, hard to believe the year has flown right by...mine turns one on friday.

Scott & Marcie said...

I just realized you call him "my little bear". That's what we called Brigg, and still do!! Does he growl when he's busy playing?