Hollywood Studios - Day 2

Hollywood Studios was fun. We decided this would be our half day because were going to the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party later that night. As you can see I hardly took any pictures. It was too hot...but I already said that before. I think it might have been hotter on Tuesday though. Here are the Hollywood Studios highlights:
* Tower of Terror - So fun! OK I loved it. I went first with Anne and Andrew and they both were terrified and said they didn't want to go again...until Zac went and they jumped at the chance to be terrified again.
* Getting over to the Toy Story ride at 10 am and finding that all the fast passes were gone for the day and the wait was 100 minutes!!! We couldn't figure out what was so great about the ride but it must have been fun if there was such a wait.
* The kids and I watched the Indiana Jones stunt show...Andrew thought the man was really getting beat up and was slightly scared until he figured it out and wished his dad was there to try out a fake punch on...Zac had to wait outside with a sleeping Jackson.
* Going back to the hotel and cooling off in the pool...that was nice.
* Everybody fighting to take naps then not wanting to wake up later.

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Scott & Marcie said...

love the matching shirts! What a sweet family.