fall soccer

Anne decided to try soccer as her extra activity this fall. I think she has enjoyed herself. From what we have seen she has enjoyed playing with her classmates from school . We have observed her talking and laughing in the middle of the game...oh well, at least she is having fun.

She played on the developmental team which was perfect for her as she has never played before. The above picture pretty much sums up the games...the entire team chasing the ball. It was pretty entertaining to watch. Zac and I had a lot of good laughs.
On this particular Saturday Brigg and Hava joined us for the game. The weather was so perfect after that we played a little soccer ourselves. I personally haven't played in years so I was a bit out of practice. I took the goal and quickly decided that I am really out of shape.

But when it comes to kicking the ball really really far in no particular direction...I still got it.
Considering that Jackson had a ear infection and had been awake all night the night before this little guy was pretty happy playing soccer from his dad's shoulders. Great day.


L C M said...

Joy, you kick like a ballerina. I love it. It was good to see a picture of you today. I miss you.

Scott & Marcie said...

What a beautiful day, and lots of fun for all. Jackson really likes his perch on his dad's shoulders!!
Good for you, Anne, to try new things.