need to remember

I have to write this down so I don't forget it.
Zac and the kids were playing "horses" tonight after family scriptures and prayers...this comment was made:

Anne: Daddy pretend we like apples.

Andrew: Daddy pretend we have to obey your commandments.

Well at least we know he is getting something out of the scriptures...


photo tag

My friend, Laura, tagged me--I don't usually do these tag things but I liked this one and it's easy.
Here are the rules:
Go to your photos and open the 4th folder.
Post the 4th picture in your folder.
Tag 4 more people.(Shouldn't there be 4 rules?)
Here is my picture:

Thank goodness my 4th picture wasn't something awful. Caught this one of the kids a few weeks ago. Anne has really taken off with her reading. I find her reading to Andrew all the time. She read me to sleep on the couch yesterday after church--isn't it supposed to be the other way around?
I tag Anjuli, Hayley, Sarah K., and Megan.


harry potter?

The kids and Zac were out running around in the newly fallen snow this evening. I was inside folding laundry. I thought I heard crying but then heard laughing so didn't go out to see what happened. Later Andrew came inside and this is the conversation:

Andrew: Mom look what happened to my face!

Me: Oh my gosh! Andrew are you alright? (This is while I try hold his face still to get a good look)

Andrew: Ya, I'm fine. Now I am like Harry Potter forever right?

Me: What?

Andrew: My scar mom....now I am like Harry Potter! I have to go look in the mirror one more time. (Andrew runs away at this point)

Later I ask Zac what happen. I guess it was getting dark and Andrew's face found an almost dead thorn bush in the back yard. Just so you know we just let the kids watch the 2nd Harry Potter movie just last night so they have "Harry" on the brain.


anne - 1st grade

I don't usually order school pictures but this year I did. Anne was very excited to bring this home today. Doesn't she look so grown up?



We had a western theme this year in our house. This was good for me because we already owned almost everything they wore. I love that. This was our first year to take the kids door to door trick-or-treating. Usually we do the church thing but this year we missed it. One of Zac's co-workers said she lived in a great neighborhood for our purpose to off we went. We found that she lived on a loop, on a hill. The kids took off sprinting from house to house running up the hill. By the time we got to the top of the hill the kids were panting and said they were tired. So turns out that doing door to door is better. The kids were tired, they didn't get too much candy and Zac and I got some exercise chasing after them.

Tough guy and gal.

Anne had a costume parade at the school. Andrew joined in the fun.

Did I mention that Sarah Pallin was at Anne's school today?

carving pumpkins

Tuesday night we carved our pumpkins. As always it was messy and fun. This year I talked the kids into some more complex designs. Both insisted on their pumpkin being scary. I tried to convince them that scary pumpkins would scare away the trick-or-treaters but they said that was the point to Halloween....to be scared that is. I think my little kids are growing up.

The man behind all the work. Zac carved both pumpkins but wouldn't do mine...this is why it is still sitting on the front porch uncarved.

Andrew said it was yucky.

Anne said hers wasn't scary enough. I told her it was sneaky. She said that was OK, but next year it had to be scary.