harry potter?

The kids and Zac were out running around in the newly fallen snow this evening. I was inside folding laundry. I thought I heard crying but then heard laughing so didn't go out to see what happened. Later Andrew came inside and this is the conversation:

Andrew: Mom look what happened to my face!

Me: Oh my gosh! Andrew are you alright? (This is while I try hold his face still to get a good look)

Andrew: Ya, I'm fine. Now I am like Harry Potter forever right?

Me: What?

Andrew: My scar mom....now I am like Harry Potter! I have to go look in the mirror one more time. (Andrew runs away at this point)

Later I ask Zac what happen. I guess it was getting dark and Andrew's face found an almost dead thorn bush in the back yard. Just so you know we just let the kids watch the 2nd Harry Potter movie just last night so they have "Harry" on the brain.


Daniel B. said...

Oh, my HILAR!

Darlin and Pa said...

That was very quick thinking by either Andrew, Zac or Anne - great way to change tears!!

Mary said...

I have to admit, he makes the scratches look much cuter though.

MPk said...

Micah and I laughed at this so much! How cute! We love Harry Potter! At least he can find joy in his pain!!! Love you Joy!