photo tag

My friend, Laura, tagged me--I don't usually do these tag things but I liked this one and it's easy.
Here are the rules:
Go to your photos and open the 4th folder.
Post the 4th picture in your folder.
Tag 4 more people.(Shouldn't there be 4 rules?)
Here is my picture:

Thank goodness my 4th picture wasn't something awful. Caught this one of the kids a few weeks ago. Anne has really taken off with her reading. I find her reading to Andrew all the time. She read me to sleep on the couch yesterday after church--isn't it supposed to be the other way around?
I tag Anjuli, Hayley, Sarah K., and Megan.


Mary said...

What a cute picture! They are all coordinated and Anne is so sweet reading to her bro. What great kids.

1momof5 said...

I love when older siblings read to their younger siblings! Cute picture!