playing on ice

Over the weekend we went up to Erie to hang out with Hava and Brigg. They took us over to the lake to check out the ice. It was amazing! Where we are standing was just one of the inlets, the lake itself isn't quite frozen yet. Can you believe the ice. The kids had a blast sliding and playing. They want to go back and try their hands at ice fishing...I think they are crazy. Who would want to sit and freeze for a fish?

I love that we can spend so much time with Hava. I love having a sister living so close. Don't you love our matching coats...I am finally ok with matching as long as said matching items keep me warm.

This is the lake side. Can you believe that crazy ice? I think it reminds me of the Hoth Planet on Star Wars. I only lasted about 1 minute out there because the wind and FREEZING temperatures. The kids, Zac and Brigg were out there for about 10 or 15 minutes and had the rosy cheeks to show for it.

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