thanksgiving 2010

We had a great Thanksgiving here in the Turner household. Brigg and Hava came down for the weekend which is always wonderful. We cooked tons of food. Ate tons of food and enjoyed each other's company. Some of us didn't even get dressed all day long...

Hava, Anne and baby Minimus.
Jackson had a really bad cold but was still his happy self.

Hava will hate me for posting these pictures but this is what she did so much of the weekend. Her back was hurting her so she would lay down...then fall asleep. I was mostly just jealous of all the mini naps she had.

The kids loved Hava's socks. Goldy Locks and the Three Bears.


Claudia said...

Looks like a great holiday!

Scott & Marcie said...

Love your bonnet, Anne. And love the socks, Hava. Miss you all.

Havalah said...

you could have posted worse pics actually (but only Brigg would be that mean). I can't believe how small my belly was then; you would be so shocked at how much bigger I am now. I AM HUGE!