paper airplane

Today Andrew asked me for a piece of paper. This conversation followed:

Me: "What for?"

Andrew: "When Daddy gets home he is going to make me a new paper jet."

Me: " I can make you one."

Andrew: "No, just Daddy can make paper jets."

My response to this was to turn to Google. Ten minutes later I had made him the "coolest" paper jet ever. Shortly there after we went to pick up Anne from school. Andrew was flying his plane around. One mom asked me where I got it. One dad told me that it was a sweet plane. So Andrew....mommy can make paper jets too.


Anjuli Fry said...

Sounds like my boys a lot of the time. That is a cool airplane!

Megan and Jeremy said...

ah...the good ol' internet, you can find anything! i wouldn't have thought to look there but when hyrum asks for a paper airplane i'll know where to go :)
awesome about your wicked tickets! everyone i know that has gone to it loves it-can't beat the front row or the price!

Howard Burton said...

This is one fortunate boy to have a mom willing to take the time to learn how to make paper airplanes. Thanks for being that kind of mom and enjoying it.

Laura said...

Good for you! I might need to do some research on the internet and make some for my kiddos too!

The Wilhelm Family said...

You go girl! I can't believe how much older Andrew looks. Time flies too fast!