happy rosh hashanah!

Because a large portion of our community is Jewish, Anne had the day off on Tuesday for Rosh Hashanah the "Jewish New Year" We were just excited to sleep in on a Tuesday. After a much needed sleep-in I asked the kids what they would like to do. SCIENCE CENTER was the loud cry. So off we went.

The kids previously tried this spinner at Sports Works (oops forgot to post about that). They love being dizzy. I don't get that.


Mary said...

Ok, I was wondering if you had turned Jewish and how the science center related. Just a school holiday. Kapeesh.

Isn't it fun being a Mom? I love taking these types of trips all in the name of "education" I explain.

Darlin and Pa said...

So was this the part upstairs that we didn't see in July? Looks like lots of fun!