pittsburgh zoo

Thursday Andrew and I braved the 50 degree weather and made our first visit to the Pittsburgh Zoo. I have to admit I wasn't looking forward to the experience. In the past visits to the zoo have involved sweating, tired legs, not seeing any animals, and more sweat. This visit was a whole different experience. We saw every animal, we weren't tired from too much walking, and because of the cold weather we didn't sweat at all. I am now convinced that the Pittsburgh Zoo, although small, is my favorite zoo. Andrew and I had a blast seeing all the animals up close. The design of each enclosure is done in such a way that one can see that animals. Yet another winning experience here in Pittsburgh.

We actually got to hear the lion roar! It was amazing. Andrew said it sounded like he was burping.

This one is my favorite. Don't they look like they are hugging?

Ahhh...the family portrait. They must be trying to get it done early this year.

When we entered the penguin enclosure Andrew said, "Mom, I think the penguins are sad." Why, I asked. "Because they can't dance in there." We definitely have watched too much Happy Feet in this house.


Darlin and Pa said...

Joy, you are SO funny! I loved your comments (especially the 'family portrait')! Looks like a great zoo!

Sarah Keith said...

Joy, I love you so much! Thank you so much for your call on the day of the C-section. I was a little stressed so I couldn't call you back, but I appreciate so much your concern. I am glad you commented on the blog as well--YES, I would love to see you--but of course because Asher is so small and him getting sick right now would be SO SCARY, wait until you feel better, then please call me. I will be home for a good while as I recover and "keep my baby in hiding" until he is strong enough and I am not so worried about his growth. The Lord is blessing him so much though and he is growing. I am so grateful. Love you and miss you lots Joy. It looks like you had fun at the zoo!!!! Love, Sarah

Lynette said...

Looks fun you guys. Is the 50 degree weather a nice change or a hard one? I'll bet it's been fun - especially with fall upon us. I can't believe how big Anne and Andrew are getting! Time flies.

Beth said...

It's so fun to explore a new place! And it looks like there is a lot to do where you are! how fun!

Mary said...

What pics girl! That tiger looks like it's eating little buddy's head! I'm with Andrew, the penguins do look a little sad. :) What a crack up.

maren out my laundry said...

I can't stop laughin at the family portrait comment, LOL. Looks like a fun time, Kim has a similair zoo in IL that is small and you actually see animals its great!