happy rosh hashana part 3

Outside the Science Center is the USS Requin, a submarine that was in service during the Cold War. The kids loved it. They thought they put in all the "small" doors just for them. We actually went through twice...

Yes, the fountain in the back ground is pink. They turned the water pink in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The kids played a whole pretend game of checkers while we were in the galley - pretend because the pieces were glued down. They took every move very seriously.

Can you believe that 80 grown men lived on this submarine at a time?

Close quarters - and these are for the officers.


Anjuli Fry said...

We need to come visit you again!!! Such fun!! Colin had the day off to and we just spent it at home! Need to get down in to DC don't I!

Sierra Natasha Camille Burton said...

lets just say I cant wait to come...you guys are going to need to take me all over Pittsburg..i LOve big cities!!! Oh and I love this song also...good choice!!!

Darlin and Pa said...

You guys are so good to visit everything of interest to you. I'm glad I don't live on a sub, too claustrophobic (however you spell it!)