Anne's Thanksgiving Feast

Anne was a pilgrim this year for her pre-school program. Isn't she cute!

All aboard the Mayflower!

Ok this is such a bad picture but Anne was singing and dancing so well that I just had to put it up. Today was Anne's pre-school Thanksgiving Feast. The kids have been cooking in class to make all and I mean all the food. Ok they didn't do the turkey - we had chicken nuggets. Everything was was really good too! They sang songs and did a little program. Anne was so sad because she forgot to stand in line but I told her that is ok I could see you. It was so much fun. We got a huge surprise too...Zac said he wasn't going to make it because he had patients to see but just before the program started who should walk through the door? Dadddy! We were so happy to see him.


Anjuli said...

She is so cute!! Colin is standing here saying thats Anne, she's my friend. I guess we need to work on the cousin concept. Thats awesome that Zac made it. Joseph is going to have to call him sometime but I know he is busy.

Elizabeth C said...

Very cute pictures. That is exciting that Zac made it even though he thought he couldn't--I love surprizes like that!