niagara falls

This week for spring break (I know, snow, cold, still spring break) we took off to Niagara Falls, Canada. One word-AMAZING. The first two pictures are from our hotel room--if I had my way I would have sat there all day staring at the falls. Thanks Aunt Becky for the good deal.

American Falls, with Bridal Veil Falls next to it. . .photo by Zac. Yes, Zac did touch the camera this vacation, probably because I was too scared on the ferris wheel to open my eyes.

Zac braved the cold night to capture the "Falls at Night." They do a bit of a light show every evening. (just in case you were wondering, it's not natural lighting :)

From a very high (700 something feet), and very windy tower, you get an amazing view of the falls and surrounding area. We saw all the way to Buffalo one way and Toronto the other.

We took a long elevator ride down to a tunnel system under Horseshoe Falls. You can get this amazing view from below.

One of the tunnels was still iced over. There was an incredible rumbling noise, and it felt like a small earthquake underneath the massive falls. Amazing power.


The Taintor Family said...

That is so cool you guys. One of my mission areas was about thirty minutes from the Falls and I probably went there ten times in six months. Amazing every time. I'm hoping next spring my kids will get to enjoy it. Hope you guys are well. If you ever want to come out this way, we'd love to see you.

Shari said...

WOW!! So amazing! You are so lucky to live on the East Coast. Now that we bought a house John is talking about never leaving :(. Although I love our house, but I want to travel, and your blog makes me want to move East Coast. Well they did break our TV, it still works, but it comes apart at the top, something that it didn't do before.

Darlin and Pa said...

Loved the pictures under the Falls and the huge ice chunks everywhere. Are those chunks of ice in American Falls? Our visit there reminded me of the beauty of God's creations and His power. Wonderful place to visit!!