flowers and grass

We have been having a serious heat wave here the last few days. Now we Turners don't think that 85 degrees is all that hot but when it was 40 degrees two days ago it is quite warm for us. Not that we aren't loving it...the kids had to try out the grass on the island in the middle of our street. Yes, that is a butterfly on Andrew's cheek. Anne got one at our ward's primary activity today so of course Andrew also wanted one. I was just shocked he hadn't asked for a Harry Potter or Anikan scar.

Anne said that lying on the grass reminded her of lying on the sand in Hawaii. She then asked if we could go back to Hawaii for our summer vacation. We said she would have to take Lake Erie instead.

We are also enjoying all the beautiful flowers around our house. I am loving the smells in the air.

I never knew how much I missed the main land until last fall and this spring. There is something about all the colors that just make me grateful for this beautiful earth.


The Nielsen Family said...

Pretty flower pictures. I love hearing about all these things we take for granted that you guys are re-inroducing yourselves to. Hey, we would love to go to Eerie with you guys if we could find a time that would work.

P.S. This sounds really teeny, but nice playlist. :)

Annie said...

Looks like fun! We had good weather for awhile and now we have snow flurries!!! No flowers or tulips yet....your pictures give me hope!

Scott & Marcie said...

Beautiful flowers, beautiful kids!!

Howard Burton said...

I stop every day and admire my tulips...just waiting for the deer to start enjoying them also.