the p.m.

I find myself always writing the funny things that Andrew says. Maybe he is just at that funny age. Well Anne said the funniest thing while we were on our vacation. We had been traveling all day so the kids schedules were a bit off. When we finally got to the hotel room it was about dinner time. This was the conversation I had with Anne.
Me: Wow, look at the time it's just about dinner time!
Anne: What! Is it already in the P.M.'s?! I thought we were still in the A.M.'s!
Zac and I just had to laugh...since when does she call the morning and afternoon that? So funny.


Darlin and Pa said...

Looks like Anne is joining the other Burton girls with her funny comments! We love it!!

joshandhayley said...

Your kids are seriously so cute!

By the way, your Niagara trip looked so fun! Next time we're going to Canada for sure!!