Hava and Brigg's Wedding

The best part about weddings in our family is that the cousins get to see each other. Living so far apart, it has been hard for Anne and Andrew to really know Collin. As you can see here they really do love each other.

I love this picture...Anne was so happy to see Hava when she came out of the temple. I actually had to hold her back for a few minutes so Hava and Brigg could have a few shots by themselves!

Princess Anne...the flowers remind me of my own wedding almost exactly six years ago.

"Everywhere he was goin', he was runin'..."


mollie said...

beautiful pics, joy! now where is disneyland?!

Anjuli Fry said...

It was great seeing you!! And Colin keeps asking when he gets to see Anne again....So how soon do you think we could get David married? J/K

christine said...

I love these shots of the kids.