Jackson - 2 years old

This little guy turned two while Zac and I were in Mexico so we celebrated the day after we got back. Jackson was thrilled to add "tup-take" to his vocabulary. He ate the frosting off two. Because we already have so many toys we didn't get many gifts for him but we did get him a broom set...he loves to help me sweep and now I can actually get it done when he is around. 

We were so thankful that Sweetheart and Howie could come stay with the kids while we were gone and so happy they could be there for Jackson's party. They got him the Radio Flyer big wheels. The picked the perfect gift. The front has a ton of buttons and they all make sounds. Jackson's favorite thing.

I loved seeing my dad and Jackson put together the Big Wheels. 

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Scott & Marcie said...

Love the "three-people" pictures. Happy Birthday Jackson!!