Making Christmas Ornaments

While Zac is gone the weekdays are just fine. We manage to stay busy with school and such. The weekends are a different story. Saturdays being the worst. In a effort to keep the kids busy one Saturday in December we made some ornaments to add to our Christmas tree. I love these ones. They have the kids hand prints so I will be able to have their tiny hand on my tree forever. The kids loved painting their hands too, especially Jackson. As soon as we put the paint on we had to grab his hand to pain didn't get everywhere. It took both Anne and I to get his print on the canvas without getting paint all over the place. 

 This is mostly what Jackson did...he is a bit addicted to my IPhone.


Harmony said...

Very cute Joy!

Scott & Marcie said...

DARLING ornaments. Where do you find these ideas? Reminds me of the Christmas cards you sent one year with thumb prints made into Rudolf. I love the picture of Jackson looking up at you while he has paint on his hand. "I wonder if Mom really thinks this is o.k.?"