Christmas this year was a bit quieter then usual...after the kids went to bed I set up the room. I miss Zac sleeping on the couch while I put the room together. It was super awesome to have him with us Sunday morning through Skype...wish I had a picture of that.

My kids are fully aware that Santa isn't real but still insist on writing their letters. I love them every year.

Andrew was VERY excited about his new Lego set. Could be interesting without Zac here to help put it together.

Jackson love love loved opening presents this year. He opened every one's presents for them this year if they didn't get to them fast enough.

Anne and her new bike...thank goodness we have wonderful neighbors to help me get those brakes right...I have to admit I was pretty proud that I successfully put together the rest of the bike myself.

Andrew loves books with pictures that go along. He was super excited to get these new books.

Jackson got a new "soft soft" blanket...he loves it but still prefers the old one.

The year of books here in our house. Anne is holding only a few of the books she received from us...not to mention the books she got from other family. She is one happy girl.

Marble Works...I might have bought this for myself...it was my favorite Christmas as a child when we got ours. The kids seemed to love it too although somehow all the marbles were lost by Sunday evening. 

Wet hair...bring on 9am church.

We are missing Zac in our Christmas picture this year...


Daniel B. said...

You all have the same smile...and that's good thing.

Brandon and Becca said...

Brandon bought our kids a very similar marble set last year for that very same reason.

Scott & Marcie said...

Cute, cute pictures!! I'm sure Zac's just as lonely for all of you as you all are for him. Hope the next few months go by quickly for all of us!!
Loved your kids letters and the CARROTS for Santa. Darling family photo even if it is without Zac. Love you all.

Megan and Jeremy said...

Glad you had a merry Christmas & that Zac could be there on skype at least. The kids look really excited about everything :) I wish my kids would react more to presents!! I know they love them because they'll go off & play with them forever but I have a hard time getting a good excited picture :) Good to talk with you the other day.