A Pirate's Life for my Kids

It is such a nice day today...and I just cleaned the house...so I told the kids to play outside while I got dinner ready. I peaked out and this is what I found. I love that they are using the baseball bats to row their "boat". Oh ya, it's January and my kids are wearing shorts. I think I like Texas.


Darlin and Pa said...

I think I like Texas too, we're supposed to get a foot of snow tonight and tomorrow. Love your cute kids imaginations!!

Mary said...

If Texas has such cute and creative kids, I think I'd like to live there too! What a fantastic picture Joy!

Janet S. said...

Remember to read this post again in June or July or August for a different perspective. I was in Texas twice in the summer for the births of Ethan and Hannah (Sept 97 & Aug 2000). I've never seen heat so bad as Aug. 2000. Ethan couldn't play outside even at night! Winters are wonderful though.