Did I mention that we have a ballerina in the house? Oops. I haven't until the other day had any pictures of Anne's ballet because her teacher is a bit strict about cameras in the classroom. I know, I know still rules. We finally made the time for a few pictures before class today.
Anne has always been such a gifted dancer. Everyone has always told me that she has such great rhythm so it was natural for her to want to take dance lessons. She is loving it. She has ballet, tap, and folk dance. I am thinking she loves them all but especially loves the tap - I think it is because the shoes. What kid wouldn't love to do something so loud?


Darlin and Pa said...

Sweet! Do you get to wear a tutu? It's great exercise and teaches discipline, Anne you'll do great! Maybe next time we see you, you can give us a show!

L C M said...

I want to stick Sierra in ballet. I am seriously considering putting her in next year. We will see.

She is a doll. What a tall, beautiful, slender, ballerina

Mary said...

What a pretty girl. I bet she is so graceful too.

BBB said...

Very cool.