jackson - 10 months

Holy cow Jackson is 10 months. It has taken me a few days to realize that yet another month has passed us by. Here are a few new things about our little man:
* He prefers to stand and does so on just about everything whether it is stable or not.
* He will not be contained. Fences just don't do the trick. He will crawl all the way around from the living room to the kitchen to get what he wants.
* He loves the pool. He and I play in the baby pool while Anne and Andrew are in the big pool. He prefers standing by the edge and splashing.
* We discovered this month while watching a old movie of Anne at the same age that Jackson and Anne are twins seven years apart. Jackson looks exactly like Anne did. It is kind of freaky.
* Also like Anne...Jackson does not like to be held unless we can get him so something he wants.
* He loves playing chase with Andrew. They will crawl after each other all day. Andrew has the scars on his knees to show it.
* As you can see from the picture below Jackson loves loves loves climbing the stairs. Luckily we have three sets so he can keep going up and up. He hasn't figured out how to get down yet...bummer.
* He loves the swing at the park. But just for a few minutes.
* He loves knocking down any creation Anne and Andrew have built. They are both learning to build up higher.
*He is taking 2 wonderful naps each day and goes to bed about 7:30 or 8:00.
* Because of these 2 wonderful naps he is still the happiest of babies and makes us smile all day long.


Daniel B. said...

Oh, naps. Wonderful naps. Blessed, glorious, wonderful, happy naps.

Scott & Marcie said...

What a beautiful, happy boy! Can't believe how grown up he is!!

Harmony said...

Love that grin! It was fun to see your family at Havalah's baby shower. Missed you though!

Breeana said...

He is SO adorable!! You asked what ward we are in---Olympia 3rd. We love it. It's been a very friendly ward so far. Are your parents in Olympia? Hopefully you and Zac will end up back here next year. Your kids are so grown-up and so cute.