Currituck Beach Lighthouse

One of the cooler days we drove up the coast to Currituck to check out the lighthouse. I was pretty excited until I saw the stairs going all the way up. They were like something out of my nightmares. If you looked down while walking up you could see all the way down...and it was a long ways down. Walking up I had to keep my eyes on Zac's backside so I didn't start freaking out. On the way down...well I would just rather not talk about the way down.  

Zac thought it was so hilarious how scared I was once we got to the top. I refused to step away from the inside wall and he thought it was so funny. I did not. I do not like heights. 

After the lighthouse we found a short nature walk down to the water. 

This building reminded me of the White Sands Hotel in Anne of Green Gables. Of course the hotel in the movie was white but you get the idea...


Scott & Marcie said...

The stairs remind me of the movie "Vertigo". Hitchcock moved the lens of the camera up and down and gave you that dizzy feeling.

Scott & Marcie said...

Nice family picture, and cute picture on the bridge:)