Four kids and a bedroom

This is where Thomas and I sit...a lot. We bought this lazy boy chair right before Thomas was born. It was supposed to be for Zac's birthday and while he does enjoy a good nap in it on Sundays, mostly Thomas and I sit in it a lot...like every three hours or so. I love it. Thanks Zac for getting something cool for your birthday.

These days Netflix is my best friend especially at 3 and 4 in the morning.

I love when this guy yawns. It cracks me up.

This is the bed where Thomas sleeps right now. Right next to me. My dad made it when Anne was born but Thomas is the first baby to really like it and use it the longest. Thanks Dad. 

Look at all those toes...all mine.

Look at that. I have four kids.


Daniel B. said...

For the record, I think I helped build that cradle...

The Winns said...

Cute pictures!

The Winns said...

Cute pictures!

Scott & Marcie said...

Such darling kids and cute toes, too!